Saturday was wet but it stopped raining before we arrived and though it was hot, it stayed breezy and cloudy while we worked making for pleasant work day.  We had a small turnout but got a lot done.  The remaining interior spaces were cleared of weeds and planted and the herb garden was weeded and expanded.

The two circles that made up the herb garden are now connected thanks to Aaron and Paul digging and hauling mulch.

The North Side of the garden is still in serious need of weeding though the perennials are looking great.   Feel free  to stop by and help clean out grass, thistles and dandelions   If you aren't sure, let me know when you'll be out there and I will meet you there to help identify weeds vs wanted plants.  The other sides have had more work done but still could use some extra TLC.

With a wet summer, we'll be needing extra weeding help so let me know if you want to be on the schedule or will be stopping out regularly to pull a few weeds and clear thistles from the path.

I am also still looking for a few more folks who can help harvest and/or deliver produce from the garden to the food pantries and meal sites.

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