It is raining today and it looks like it has for most of the night.  It is a slow steady light rain that is perfect for parched soil.  This is great news for the Garden for Good volunteers.  The garden is doing fine - despite the drought - due to the great response for daily watering.  But we really needed the rain.  We had less lettuce then in the past due to the heat and the peas ended early.  But the hot weather crops - peppers, tomatoes and beans are all looking great and with a few more days of sun we should be harvesting our first tomatoes.

On June 23, we had our annual Big Work Day as the Volunteers of Lake Country's monthly project.  We planted the last of our seeds and seedlings and pulled all the weeds out, giving the garden a a clean and fresh start for the summer.  This day is really great and makes all the difference in the amount of weeding needed for the rest of the summer.  With the weeds out of the interior and exterior gardens, there is less invasion and it is easier to keep additional weeds out of the garden.
A Big Thanks to the folks who came out on June 23!

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