Garden Progress

With cold days the past three weeks, the lettuce planted on April 13 has not grown much at all but looks like it is doing fine.  On May 4, 10 of us got together and put filled in the rest of the early planting beds and cleaned out the last of the dead foliage in the perennial garden around the outside of the GFG.

Our Next big Work Day will be May 21.
We are hoping the weather is dry because we want to cover the paths with cardboard and wood chips, double dig the late planing beds and till the herb garden.  So come on out at 9am on May 21 if you want to play in the dirt!

Here is what we will be tackling:
  1. Double Digging the three remaining beds
  2. Building the Bamboo Trellises for the peas and beans
  3. Digging out weeds
  4. Digging or Tilling the herb garden
  5. Moving Mulch if we have it.
This is what you should bring if you have it:
  1. Shovel
  2. Pitch Fork
  3. Hand tools
  4. Truck or trailer for Hauling Mulch - we will need to make at least 5 trips to the Hartland site to get enough mulch for all the areas needing mulch based on last years trips.
  5. Wheelbarrow
  6. Rototiller
  7. Sunscreen, Hats, Bug Spray and H2O

We are also adding a work day for May 24, 5pm to 7:30 pm to finish what we will have started on the 21st.
Please let me know which day you will be bringing any of the above equipment so we can plan accordingly.

Thanks in advance!  Barbara

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