This is our first week in the garden and the weather is only going to be cooperative for a few days.  It looks like we need as many diggers as are available to come out Tuesday evening, 5pm to 7pm to help with the double digging.  Then on Wednesday, the early plants need to go in the ground before the rain starts for the rest of the week.

So here is what this weeks looks like:

Good Weather
  • Double Digging Tuesday, April 12, 5-7pm  -  Forecast is Sunny and 59 
  • Planting Wednesday, April 13, 3 - 6:30pm -  Forecast is Sunny and 64
Bad Weather
  • Thursday - Rainy and in the low 40's. 
  • Friday, Rainy and in the low 40's. 
Unknown Weather
  • Weather permitting, Saturday, April April 16, 8am - 12pm, cleaning up perennial beds, setting up new garden area and rototilling  

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