We had an exciting first planning meeting! About 20 of you braved the weather to meet and plan the upcoming growing season on March 20th.  

We welcome everyone's help and if you didn’t make the March 20 meeting, no worries. You can be kept up to date and see what we will be working on, sign up for scheduled work dates, or to get on the calendar for this season of  weed n’ watering by Contacting Us  Right Here. Even sharing one hour of time will be appreciated. 

Waterproof Garden Box
Our first work day, on April 12 (5pm), will be a Instruction and Practice for  Double Digging.   Once you have participated in this training, you can come and dig on your own.  Our goal is to have the spring garden plots Double Dug by planting day on April 16.
Deb and Dave's Cattle Fence Trellis

A quick garden wish list: Waterproof Garden Storage Box, 3’x3’ sheets of plywood (used for standing on while Double Digging),  Cattle Fencing Panels (4 - to make trellises for peas, beans and malabar spinach),  green metal fence stakes (24) and a 100’ garden hose.

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