Last Sunday the Kennedy's came in at 9:00am and worked all day! Ed, Paul, Dave, Julian, Barbara and the Turners came out to help as well.

Five beds were planted: The first two beds (starting from the NW corner) are identical. 1row raddichio, 2 rows broccoli, 2 rows lettuce. There are two varieties of broccoli, one is purple.

The third bed has 6 purple broccoli, lots of lettuce and some onion sets.

The forth bed has about 15 lettuce, the rest of the onion sets,and seeds. There are beet seeds planted between the onions and also a section of seeds in the NE corner of the bed mostly beet but a small patch of salad mix where we ran out of beets.

The fifth bed is all seeds. The north half is spinach, the south half is salad mix, arugula, and a few more spinach. This salad mix will need to be thinned. The thinnings can be added to the larger lettuce and raddichio for a salad. Whoever weeds this bed will have to be able to recognize lettuce, broccoli family greens, and spinach, they are scattered randomly.

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